Great Tools

Working online I have used my fair share of different tools. Here I will list the tools I recommend. Note, I only recommend tools I have used and believe are good. If you have any suggestions for me to add here, contact me and if I can, I will do a review of the product/service.

Web Development Tools

Domains: Namecheap

Namecheap is a great domain registrar, I have used them to register over 80% of my domains. They have a great interface and it’s cheap and easy to register a domain with them. On top of this they offer free Whois Guard. Check Out Namecheap here.

Hosting: Hostgator

I host my websites with a variety of different hosting providers, but my favourite for beginners is most definitely Hostgator. Hostgator offers cheap and simple hosting at a good price. I suggest going with the baby plan under web hosting as I find it is the best value. Get Hosting here.

Themes: Themeforest

If you are somewhat serious about the site you are making you should have a premium theme for that site. It allows you to create a site 10x better than a site with a free theme. When buying a theme my first stop is always Themeforest. There is a wide variety of different themes you can choose from. Furthermore, you can read honest reviews for the themes and preview them before purchasing. It certainly is a great option if you don’t have a $100 budget and want a good-looking website. Look at themes here.