Basic Photoshop Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

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Today we have a quick post showing you some of the most important Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great at cutting down the time it takes for you to finish a design and when you start using lots of them they can double productivity in photoshop. It’s good to start implementing the use of keyboard shortcuts as soon as you learn how a tool works and gradually you can speed up your skills.

Top Five Photoshop Shortcuts

1. Duplicate Layers

Duplicating layers is something that most of us are doing all the time and that’s why it pains me when I see that some people don’t know the shortcut to quickly do this.

PC – Ctrl + J

Mac – Cmd + J


2. Adjusting The Brush Size

Adjusting the brush size is a very well know shortcut but that does not take away from it’s usefulness which is why I have included it here.

Increase brush size – ]

Decrease brush size – [


3. Undoing, Stepping Forward and Stepping Backwards

Here is one for the photoshop newbies. When starting to learn photoshop many new people are used to clicking ctrl z to undo steps but photoshop is slightly different regarding this.

Undo/ Redo – this tool is useful for switching between before and after you made a change to see a comparison. Using it the first time will undo and the second time will redo.

PC – Ctrl + z

Mac – Cmd + z

Step backward – this is basically the photoshop version of undo (which usually has the above shortcut in over programs).

PC – Ctrl + Alt + z

Mac – Cmd + Alt + z

Step Forwards – this is just your photoshop version of redo, it does the opposite of the “step backward” shortcut.

PC – Ctrl + Shift + z

Mac – Cmd + Shift + z


4. Committing Text

This is a very basic shortcut, although I find a lot of people don’t realise it exists or forget to use it.

After using the text tool to exit and confirm the text you have entered without switching to another tool use the shortcut:

PC – Ctrl + Enter

Mac – Cmd + Enter


5. Fill Colour

To quickly fill a colour you can used the shortcut below. When this is used a box will pop up giving you a variety of options to select for the contents such as foreground colour, background colour, patterns etc. You can also select the blend mode and opacity.

PC – Shift + F5

Mac – Shift + F5


There’s some basic shortcuts for photoshop which you can start using straight away. Hopefully you have learnt something reading this or just refreshed your memory if you’re already an intermediate Photoshop user. Feel free to ask any questions and also leave your favourite Photoshop shortcuts in the comments.

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