5 Photoshop Techniques Every Beginner Should Know

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Today we will be covering some basic tricks for photoshop – 5 things every beginner should know. By reading this you should cut your learning curve and make you a seasoned professional in no time. These tips will be mainly aimed at people new to photoshop, but even if you are a photoshop guru, there are some great tips here which you may want to recap.

1. Making adjustments based on colours

This trick is great for making your images stand out from the crowd. Using a basic trick like this can drastically improve the results of your final work. By using a black and white layer you can make changes to an images colour and brightness to produce some really cool visuals. I have found a great video showing you how to easily do this and put it below.

2. Using Smart Objects

When using photoshop smart objects can be extremely useful. They can be used for a variety of things such as: preserving raster image quality, applying editable filters and adjustments and updating multiple layers at once. I have put a short video that explains the basics of smart objects and shows some of the things that can be done with them. In the future I will be making a full guide on how to used smart objects as it is a very important and large topic to cover.

3. Use Two Windows For One Image

If you are doing some close up detail work in photoshop such as whitening teeth, it is best to be viewing the image in two windows. This prevents you from having to zoom in and out to view the effect you are having on the overall image. To do this go to:

Window -> Images -> New Window

Window -> Images -> Tile

Now you can make changes zoomed in on one window and it will show you the effect on the overall image in the other window.

I have also put a video below to show how to do this.

4. How to Blend Two Images Together

This tip shows you how to take two separate pictures and put them into one image.

First you will want to open up both images and drag them side by side.

Then drag one photo over so both photos are in the same window (you may have to extend the canvas [Image -> Canvas Size] and/or resize a photo [Edit -> Free Transform]).

Now add a mask to the layer on top and make sure that the background colour is set to black and the foreground colour is set to white.

Next select the gradient tool (making sure it is on foreground to background) and then drag from the foreground image towards the background image, ending on the edge of the foreground image.

Now that you have done that the foreground image may seem a bit faded in areas you don’t want it to be. To stop this select the brush tool and paint over these areas to sharpen the image.

Finally, you can merge the two layers and go Image -> Auto Colour to make the blend look better.

I have also found a good video that shows you how to do this and put it below.

5. How to Remove Blemishes

This is really easy to do and something which is required in a lot of photoshop jobs involving pictures of people. This can be done using the spot healing tool.

Once you have you image loaded into photoshop, create a new layer on top of it to make changes to the layer (preserving the original image). Next select the healing brush tool. Then select a sample by Alt + click on an area on clear skin. Now simply paint over the area with blemishes. Remember if you are using a layer whilst doing this make sure you tick the sample all layers box.

Again I have put a video below that shows you how to do this. The video below also shows how to use the spot healing tool which is very similar.


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